Monday, May 6, 2013

Back in the saddle again

I officially am back on the bike. The other night I pulled the spandex out of storage and headed up to Tibble Fork for an evening ride. Last year I tried to get in racing shape a little too fast and injured my IT band. I finished the Lotoja and haven't touched the bike since. My ride definitely showed me that all those donuts, pancakes, slices of french toast, cake, candy, and lack of riding were a bad idea. 

As I came to the mouth of American Fork Canyon I was greeted by a few goats. I am trying to take the time to stop and enjoy the moments I have in the mountains more often so I stopped and watched them for a few minutes. They skittishly crossed the road and made their way up the mountain. They looked pretty haggard. Winter wasn't very good to either of us. I am glad to be out on the bike again and a ride up this canyon always reminds me why I love it. 

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