Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Family Fish

Fly Fishing
Over the past year my Dad has been acquiring his fly fishing gear one piece at a time. Saturday my older brother Jeff and I were able to get him out on the water for his first time. After my outing last weekend I had high hopes for some big fish. As the day wore on it became clear that not much was happening. One fish came to the surface early on in the day, but that was it. 

We hit the lower Provo River for a few hours and decided to grab lunch. It was fun spending time with my Dad and brother. The last time we went fishing together was twenty some odd years ago on a family camping trip to Payson Lakes. So many things have changed since then, but spending time outside with family still feels the same. 

We spend a couple hours on the middle Provo after lunch. After fighting the crowds for a little bit, we decided to head home and try a different spot on the lower. I finally hooked into a big guy but he popped off before I could land him. Even though we got skunked it was just good to be out together. I am really looking forward to doing more of this.
This is probably the last time we went fishing together.
Fly Fishing
Provo River

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