Sunday, October 9, 2011

Winter woke up early...

This is what October 7, 2011 looked like for me. Was it a day of deep bottomless turns in epic conditions? Nope. But it was fun. It was fun to be hiking in the cold air. Fun to be out sharing the day with a friend. Fun to be back on my snowboard. Fun to be in the mountains.

While there wasn't much snow, there was just enough to make Mike and I smile till our faces hurt. In between the few rocks I found with my board there were some good deep turns. I am ready for winter, but wouldn't mind a few more days out on my mountain bike.
 Like I said, deep enough.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Neena's first time climbing trad

Austin and I were thinking about heading up "Outside Corner", a 5.7 trad route up Big Cottonwood Canyon, but when we rolled up there were a couple guys on it. We headed up to to "Steort's Ridge" and started our way up. Austin went up the first pitch, I took the second, and Austin took the third. Neena followed and cleaned. I think we will make this happen more often in the future.

Dirty Dashin'

 One of Neena's friends runs the Dirty Dash and as a wedding present he let a group of us run the event. It was a blast. We got there late and weren't really dashing most of the time. It was fun just hanging out and getting muddy. The worst part about the day was showering after... It was so cold my muscles seized up. Walking back to the car wasn't a joy but the stop at MamaChoo's made up for it.