Tuesday, June 29, 2010


My arms begin to shake with strain as I try to hang onto a climb that is well above my ability. I yell as I go to make my next move. The sharp rock digs into my fingers and I find comfort in the little pinpricks of pain, knowing that I wont slip. My legs are shaking now and I have nothing left. It is time to just let go and call it a day...

This has been my experience with climbing this year. Robbie and Brett climbed all through the winter and have far surpassed where I am currently at with my climbing. I am hoping that I can get my lazy butt in shape so I can get back into harder routes. The goal for me is to be into 5. 12's by next spring.

I am hoping to give myself a graduation present. There is amazing climbing in Vietnam and I would really love to be able to climb hard and go out there.... Here is to hoping. The two goals are dependent on each other. No graduation=no Vietnam, No 5. 12's= no Vietnam....

Escape Buttress
We left after we had enough sun and went to Membrane for some shade.

This is why I want to go to Vietnam.... Look at all that limestone.
Borrowed the photo from: http://www.stylishandtrendy.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/04/Halong-Bay-Vietnam.jpg

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Late and empty

1:30 a.m.: A vacant street. I ride from shadow to shadow through interims of yellow light. There are no cars at this hour, no noise other than my own pedaling and the faint sound of a train in the distance. The never tiring traffic lights change for no apparent reason as I continue my ride beneath them. An occasional car drives by adding another sound to the night as the hum of their tires fade out of earshot. This is one of the best times to be out on a bike. It is freedom.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Riding Squaw Peak

The first time I rode my bike up Squaw Peak was sheer hell. We were riding "the gauntlet" last year which is nothing but climbing. Squaw Peak fell in the hottest part of the day and the sun seemed to tear right through my jersey into my perspiring back. But, if you catch this climb at the right time it is great. Cool days and early mornings make for an optimal little burn up to an amazing overlook of Provo.

So green.

Random Photos

I went to climb with Brett the other day and the rain ruined the venture. I snapped a few quick photos on the way down the canyon.

Another look at the loop

The Alpine Loop is by far my most favorite place to ride my bike. The narrow winding road pushes you up through fields of pine which eventually morph into aspens as you draw nearer to the summit. As you exert yourself, you pull in huge gulps of clean mountain air which seems to have a pleasant flavor. In the early morning hours the greens of all the undergrowth and trees seem to be more vibrant.

I love where I live. Today was the first time I have been able to share this with my brother Todd. I love riding with him and he is getting faster every time we go out. He rode strong all day today. We started from our house and rode the full Loop.

I got a little photo happy...

Shelby and Todd

Shelby Burton

Todd 1 or Todd 2?

Timp looked amazing.

Water Break

Projecting the Membrane

This wall seems to suck us in every year. We are drawn in because of its difficult negative angled climbing and it fun dynamic movements. There is no lengthy approach, you just pull up and climb. This wall and I have a love/hate relationship which grows every year. It is here that I always realize at the start of a season how out of shape I am from my lazy winter routine. I hope to be able to climb all the routes on this wall before winter.... Maybe I shouldn't finish this corn dog I have sitting right next to my computer...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Summer Evening

Warm air filled my lungs as I rode home this evening. All it really takes for me to embrace summer is a sunset like this. I was riding home from paying a friend a visit at Provo Hospital. This morning he was out for a ride and he got in a scuffle with a truck. Two broken arms and a broken knee.

Get well soon Dr. Creer!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A journey to Maple

I tediously tapped my fingers on my steering wheel for the thousandth time... a 40 minute drive was now closing on it's second hour thanks to some schedule master who decided it was a good idea to funnel Friday night traffic into one lane twice within 5 miles of each other on a major interstate. Finally we made it through, grabbed our gear and were on our way to Maple. A late start.

The climbing was amazing. Every time I make it down here I can't get over how unique it is. Nestled in the hills above Fountain Green, UT it is a close location that feels foreign. I love it.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Race turned group ride

Last night was my first night out at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele for their circuit race. I registered for the B group and as the race was about to begin we were thrown in with the A group. I kind of psyched myself out a little bit with that and hung out toward the back of the pack. That was a dumb idea.

About 25 minutes into our hour and 15 minute race a few wheels crossed and the majority of the A's crashed out. The pings of spokes, skidding of tires, the sound of bodies and bikes crunching together is never a pleasant sound. I weaved away from the carnage and the race carried on. Still in bad position the pack split. Eric was away. I tried to bridge the gap to him solo but it was not going to happen. I soon fell back into the peloton and that is where I stayed the rest of the race. I never pulled, not wanting to jeapardize Eric's lead so all the actual racing I did was to pin back breakaways. Next time things will be different. I ended up in 9th place for the B's.