Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sixth Water

Steve Andersen
One of the things I have enjoyed most about getting into Fly Fishing is the places it has taken me. Last week we headed up to Sixth Water. A portion of skinny water up at the top of Diamond Fork Canyon. Had I not picked up fishing, I don't know what else would have taken me up that way. I reeled in my first Cut Throat. It was a beautiful little fish, emphasis on little, that I didn't take the time to snap a photo of. If you don't fish and are in need of a nice drive add Diamond Fork to your list. 
Sixth Water
Diamond Fork

City of Rocks

It doesn't get much better than a weekend away with good climbing, good people, and good food. We piled into the car with Jann, Steve, and a whole lot of climbing gear to meet up with Greg and Kate in the City of Rocks. So far The City has yielded some of the most spectacular sunsets I have ever seen and this trip did not disappoint.

We spent a cool night under the stars which eventually changed to a light rain. Eventually we pulled ourselves from our beds and headed out climbing. We hit a few of the City classics, but with the warming of the day climbing soon became difficult. Sweaty hands on rock don't mix very well. Greg pulled off some amazing routes and I had a good time hanging out behind the lens.

Eventually the heat of the day got the better of us. We escaped to Almo for some pizza, air conditioning, and cold beverages. Afterwards we tried to nap, hiding out under a makeshift shelter, through the hottest part of the day. The evening brought more climbing and ended under a sky full of stars. The City of Rocks is always a good trip. Hopefully I can get up there a few more times this year.  
Terror of Tiny Town, City of Rocks

Almo, Idaho
Almo, Idaho
Camping under the stars


Terror of Tiny Town, City of Rocks

Mount Superior

There is a long list of places in the mountains I have been in the winter, but have never thought to go in the summer. After work the other night I grabbed my camera, a water bottle, and some running shoes to go tag a familiar summit in an unfamiliar way.

It felt strange to hit the trail head with the hum of insects and an overgrowth of greenery. I made my way uphill passing memories of frigid winter mornings and deep powder days. The ridge to the summit isn't any less beautiful in the summer and I hope to tag more summits this way before the snow flies. I sat on the summit and thought back to the last time I was there. It doesn't take long for the world to change completely. I hope to make this a habit. 

Monday, July 1, 2013


Greg Osborne
I was able to make it up American Fork Canyon with Greg and Kate Osborne last week. Greg has been projecting "Teardrop", a 5.13a on Cannabis Wall. It rained for a minute or two and got everything a little damp but we still had a good time.