Friday, November 18, 2011

The Shed

A few years ago Neena's grandfather passed away. Gradually I have been able to observe the strong remnants of a family foundation that he left behind. He left a large hole when he passed. It has been interesting coming into the family after he is gone and still be able to see his personality lingering around. Nobody can talk about him without smiling and almost crying.

A couple months ago as I was helping Dane fix his car, we went back into the "shed" to grab some tools. Once inside Dane flicked on the light and I realized it was a full blown wood shop. Over the years things had been shuffled around when random things were needed but for the most part it has sat undisturbed. I asked Neena about it and I eventually found out that I could get things up and running again.

I got to work cleaning and organizing. So much of the arranging and cleaning felt like I was on hallowed Andersen ground. Scratch paper with measurements scribbled into them, pencils, tools, golf balls, hats, and projects have all sat undisturbed since he put them down. Hand prints frozen in youth on the cement by the door, notes from visitors scribbled on scrap pieces of wood, and a large unfinished bookcase all have their warm stories to tell. This was where he came to tinker, to teach, and to give.

I am excited to have this space to work and learn. I have always wanted access to a wood shop and I can't wait to get started.

Meera's Birthday

Meera's birthday landed on my day off this week. Temperatures warmed and rather than try to get out in the crappy snow I decided to get a group together to climb. Eric and Whitney had their day open and Meera happened to be free at noon, right when it would be warm enough to climb.

Most of us hadn't been on the wall for a while so we went to AF Canyon's default easy spot, which also happens to face nicely into the sun most of the time. We climbed for a few hours enjoying what would probably be one of our last days of the season climbing up this canyon. From our warm summery perch in the sun it seemed as if we could look across the way into winter.

Eventually the shade crept up bellow our feet and as it pulled over our heads the temperature instantly dropped. We packed up and headed home.

Too early and too cold

The days of early morning climbing have come and gone. Half way into this mornings "warm up"climb my hands were screaming. Every bit of warmth was being sucked out of my fingers as I clung to the frigid rock. The temperature was bellow freezing and with every move I became more and more unhappy with the brilliant idea we had to get up early to climb. I thought maybe I was being a pansy so I let Eric go up after. He had a similar experience. It wasn't long before we were back at the car going for a drive up to Silver Lake.
We went for a hike waiting in vain for it to heat up.

Black Magic Cave

Friday, November 11, 2011


The wedding was a blur... as we drove away from our family and friends it was an interesting feeling. Just us. The hustle and bustle was over and now we were on the other side of the fence. What now? People keep telling me that "real life" starts... most say "real life" with some sort of negative connotation referring to jobs and being tied down. That was something I have always been afraid of. I prefer to look at "real life" as my life with Neena. We will have adventures, we will learn new things together, and we will figure out sooner or later how to live the way we want, on our terms. That is what we are shooting for. Here is the first adventure we took as a married couple. 

We spent the first two nights in Deer Valley at the Chateaux at Silver Lake. The lobby was under construction so they upgraded us to a huge suite. During the wedding I had come down with a head cold and we pretty much just vegged the whole time we where up there. 

We left Sunday morning for Maui. This was another unusual feeling, this was the first long trip where it would just be Neena and I alone. It was fun just being able to be together and to go and do whatever we wanted... and that is what we did. We ended up eating a lot... well I did. Neena is the type to eat like four bites then she has me eat the rest. Since the honeymoon I try to get smaller portions for myself because I know I will be eating hers as well.

We did every touristy thing your could do. We went to a Luau, did the road to Hana, lava tubes, etc... everything that I normally wouldn't do on a trip, but I readily admit that they were all worth doing and I am glad Neena gets me out of my shell. The trip was courtesy of my Parents and I don't think I could ever thank them enough. It was great.


We ordered room service the first day. It was Neena's first time ever doing that and we had a great view.
The three bears.
Lava Tubes

Eating dinner at Bubba Gump. IT WAS GOOD!
This old bridge on the road to Hana was pretty awesome.
Cliff jumping was one of my favorite things on the trip. We had the place to ourselves for a while and it was fun just goofing around. There was a higher spot where you felt as if you were jumping off the road. It was a beautiful little spot.
 This was a great beach. It was right by the hotel.

This was the infinity pool by at the hotel. Pretty amazing view.