Friday, November 18, 2011

Meera's Birthday

Meera's birthday landed on my day off this week. Temperatures warmed and rather than try to get out in the crappy snow I decided to get a group together to climb. Eric and Whitney had their day open and Meera happened to be free at noon, right when it would be warm enough to climb.

Most of us hadn't been on the wall for a while so we went to AF Canyon's default easy spot, which also happens to face nicely into the sun most of the time. We climbed for a few hours enjoying what would probably be one of our last days of the season climbing up this canyon. From our warm summery perch in the sun it seemed as if we could look across the way into winter.

Eventually the shade crept up bellow our feet and as it pulled over our heads the temperature instantly dropped. We packed up and headed home.

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