Friday, November 18, 2011

The Shed

A few years ago Neena's grandfather passed away. Gradually I have been able to observe the strong remnants of a family foundation that he left behind. He left a large hole when he passed. It has been interesting coming into the family after he is gone and still be able to see his personality lingering around. Nobody can talk about him without smiling and almost crying.

A couple months ago as I was helping Dane fix his car, we went back into the "shed" to grab some tools. Once inside Dane flicked on the light and I realized it was a full blown wood shop. Over the years things had been shuffled around when random things were needed but for the most part it has sat undisturbed. I asked Neena about it and I eventually found out that I could get things up and running again.

I got to work cleaning and organizing. So much of the arranging and cleaning felt like I was on hallowed Andersen ground. Scratch paper with measurements scribbled into them, pencils, tools, golf balls, hats, and projects have all sat undisturbed since he put them down. Hand prints frozen in youth on the cement by the door, notes from visitors scribbled on scrap pieces of wood, and a large unfinished bookcase all have their warm stories to tell. This was where he came to tinker, to teach, and to give.

I am excited to have this space to work and learn. I have always wanted access to a wood shop and I can't wait to get started.


  1. Nice post Andy. Your right when you say it's sacred ground. Eli loves that shed from all the memories of Grandpa in it. He goes in there to smell him. Thanks for posting this!