Friday, March 23, 2012


Tanner invited me down to hit cabin a few weeks back to see if we could find a new place to get some splitboarding done. Tanner, his Dad, their dog, and I walked the few miles into the cabin in some really deep snow. We took turns breaking trail and finally got there around 11 p.m. Tanner and I stayed up and played some Donkey Kong before we got too tired and went to sleep. 

We woke up and walked for hours finding no really good spots to snowboard. We realized that area is better suited to snowmobiles. All in all it was a fun trip that I am glad I got to go on.

The Canyons

 A little while back I had the opportunity to get out and ride with my good friend Justin Olsen. He does a lot of photography work for the canyons and they ended up posting the photo above to their website. Here is a screen shot from my gopro and the video that he put together.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Best snow of the year

 As the snow was coming down I was scrambling to find someone to go out Monday morning... nothing came together. The scramble resumed that night as I sent texts out to nearly everyone I know. Blake Royal and Parker were the only ones to say yes.

I woke up before my alarm, got in my car, and drove up a very icy canyon. Parker didn't make it because of car trouble... poor guy. Blake and I started our ascent and decided against riding Mount Superior because of time constraints and our not totally trusting the snow pack. We hit the ridge just in time to watch the sun rise.

I dropped into the deepest turns of my life. I love where I live. I can wake up, climb to the top of a mountain and snowboard down, and then make it to work by 9 a.m.

Later that night I had the opportunity to watch the sun set from the summit of Patsy Marley with my good buddy Eric Montandon. It was an amazing day that I will remember for the rest of my life.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


Over the past month I have really been neglecting this blog. I normally try to write here at lest a few times a week, but due to other recent projects keeping up on this has been hard. A lot of my blogging mojo has been taken by my work and by a group blog project I started called Climberpost. 

Check it out! will take you there. As I settle into more of a routine, I should be able to post here more frequently.