Friday, June 4, 2010

Race turned group ride

Last night was my first night out at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele for their circuit race. I registered for the B group and as the race was about to begin we were thrown in with the A group. I kind of psyched myself out a little bit with that and hung out toward the back of the pack. That was a dumb idea.

About 25 minutes into our hour and 15 minute race a few wheels crossed and the majority of the A's crashed out. The pings of spokes, skidding of tires, the sound of bodies and bikes crunching together is never a pleasant sound. I weaved away from the carnage and the race carried on. Still in bad position the pack split. Eric was away. I tried to bridge the gap to him solo but it was not going to happen. I soon fell back into the peloton and that is where I stayed the rest of the race. I never pulled, not wanting to jeapardize Eric's lead so all the actual racing I did was to pin back breakaways. Next time things will be different. I ended up in 9th place for the B's.

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