Friday, July 15, 2011

Little Cottonwood Canyon-Mosquitoes: 20; Me: 10+

 "Crescent Crack 5.7"- I might have lost a pint of blood as I sat at the bottom of "Mexican Crack" while Greg gave it a go. Mosquitoes are the worst. Those bold little suckers go in for a meal even when they have around a 50% chance of dying. I wouldn't do it. If I had a pizza pocket sitting in the microwave right now and 50/50 chance of getting crushed on my way over there I would go eat something else. Idiot bugs.

Greg and I met up to do a few climbs but got shut down on our attempt at "Cresent Crack". There was a group in front of us that was moving pretty slow so we bagged it at the top of the first pitch. We were barely able to rappel off because it was a long way up. The rope didn't quite reach the ground, but we could swing over into an easy crack that we could down climb.

Greg is a strong climber and as easy to get along with as anyone I have ever met.  Even though our plan didn't work out it was great to get up on something that I have never done before. I am definitely struggling to learn to climb slabby granite. A 5.6 feels a lot harder than I think it should.

 Greg at the top of Mexican Crack

Our friendly route friend. They were nice. Slow climbers, but nice.

 Little Cottonwood Canyon

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