Monday, January 24, 2011


Have you ever rolled out of bed and just felt off? You go through your day completing tasks that on any other day seem fluid and easy, but for some reason today they feel difficult. During the course of the past week I have maintained a constant "off" state. I feel like one of those inflatable flappy arm guys that just looks awkward and out of control.

Example: Mike Amezcua hit me up to ride Snowbasin with he and some other guys to make a little web edit for their marketing department. I made the long drive up and got to the top of the gondola. I strapped in, and from that moment on it was a non-stop beat down for the rest of the day. Face plants, tumbles, slams, bounces, and awkward bobbles were a consistent part of the day. I have never felt that awkward strapped into a snowboard... Why? I have no idea.

Thank goodness the next few days I worked the Outdoor Retailer show in downtown and was responsible for sitting... I have no idea what throws us off.. am I the only one that is like this? If so, is there a fix? Maybe one of those fake balance bracelets will change my life. I will be healed of the short out that occurs in my inner ear that sends me into this "Off-ness". It is all about the bracelet... Marketing gimmick? It couldn't be, I read it on the internet. This crap is for real.

Here I come new life... As soon as I have one of these I will be able to charge into the future with confidence. I can't wait. I am certain that a $30 investment could very well shift my path onto a higher plane.

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  1. I feel the same way this past week! its made for some really awkward moments! We love you podcast Ands, soooo sick!
    Nice work boys!