Thursday, January 20, 2011

The right ideas

What the crap does it mean to have fun? What makes an activity fun? We sometimes set up preconceived scenarios that require a certain set of conditions to make an activity fun. The recipe for many in snowboarding may need a bit of blue skies, a big group of friends, a touch of powder or a perfectly groomed park.

Today I rode with Jonas, age 12, and Caden, age 10, in conditions that on any other day would have sent me home without a second thought. The rain from the day before had destroyed the snow, there were big fat gray clouds blocking out the sun, it was windy, and fairly crowded on the slopes. Did these two kids care? NOPE. They were having a blast, so much so that it totally rubbed off on me. By the end of the day, when the conditions were even worse, I was totally having a blast.

They both worked on some new tricks on the rails, Jonas was working on a trick I learned when I was 18.... Caden was in the same boat. They both nailed them and I couldn't have been more stoked. We visited my brother Jeff at Skullcandy on the way home and then hit up Taco Bell. They both went for some caramel apple emanadas... good.

I took away from the day that we can turn any day, especially on snow, into a fun one no matter what our preconceived notions are.

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