Saturday, January 29, 2011

Long and Mellow

We gathered together for the standard group photo on top of Patsy Marley and I didn't have to fake a smile for the camera. The sky was blue, I was surrounded by friends, and we were out in the mountains. Is there anything better? There is something about being out in the mountains this way, away from all the hubbub of the resorts, that connects with a person in a deeper way. It gets in the blood and keeps you coming back.

We took it easy as we walked, talking as we went, we did a couple laps through the trees and then rolled our way up to the top of Patsy where I had a line idea off of the North East face. It was one of the most fun lines I have ridden all year. There were so many variations in the snow, hard to soft, but still good enough to really push some speed, toss up some snow and blast through my powder cloud into the run out of the little couloir. Smiles all day long.

Sunrise... Such a great time to be awake.

Whitney, Eric, Jann, Ben, and David.

SMOG CENTRAL: Thank goodness I was able to get away from the smog pit.

I love the Montandons. The always bring a funny positive attitude.

Ben rented Jann a splitboard from the U of U for only 18 bucks. Such a deal. They were struggling with those skins though.

Wisdom: Whenever possible, finish a day at Lonestar.

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