Sunday, January 30, 2011


Ice climbing... in all my years climbing I have never had a taste. Who ice climbs? Really? How many people do you know that ice climb? Even among the climbers that I know it is a very small percentage of them who ice climb. Needless to say my exposure has been minimal to this type of climbing. Whenever there is snow my mind turns to snowboarding...

In an effort to expand my climbing abilities I joined the local climbing club out of a little shop called Mountain Works. The people there at the shop are great and so are all the folks in the club. This was my first outing with them and seeing how much time they put into this expecting nothing in return was amazing. Just climbers helping climbers.

We got there early. I pulled on my boots and we walked over to an ice fall adorning the unique conglomerate rock. Everything was already set up so we didn't have to lead anything. I scrambled to put on my crampons... I WAS IN HEAVEN.... Just walking around in the gear felt cool. I went first. I swung my ice tool hard and kicked in pushing up off the ground. It was an ugly sight to behold but I eventually got the feel of it and made it up.

Two words were continually going through my mind as a big smile graced my face. I have yet to really use any expletives in my two-ish years of blogging (so if you are offended by the term "Bad Ass" you should stop reading). Ice climbing is bad ass. Not bad "A", a local Utah County term which does not carry the full effect, but bad ass. When you are ice climbing you have big huge spikes sticking out everywhere with axes in your hands as if you are on your way to battle the zombie apocalypse. I am sorry for this description, but I do not want to deprive you of the full effect of the feeling.

When the axes make that satisfying thud as they plant firmly into the ice you can't help but feel happy... crap... I think I just picked up another hobby. Adios money... I will never have time for you.

Left: Adam Shaeffer working it. Right: Me up on a long mellow one.

Ice has this other worldly feel to it. It forms in the most unique ways and picks up subtle tints from the surrounding sediments.

This was a pumpy short climb with a couple really fun moves.

Adam and I ended up climbing together as Neena and Tessa teamed up. They were both crushing it. It was fun to watch them both.

We carpooled down with Adam and Tess, they are such a great couple. They both are hilarious and they perfectly compliment each others sense of humor.


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