Thursday, February 17, 2011

Attempt 1: Fail

Maple Canyon... I thought there might be some snowboarding to be had. The unique rock formations would make for a perfect backdrop. The only problem was the thick trees and the lack of snow.

We decided to camp for no real reason, other than to just have a good time. Parker, Christopher and I headed down late Friday night arriving to a vacant canyon. We made popcorn and had a nice campfire before settling down into our sleeping bags for the night.

Our mission was to find snowboarding, instead we just hiked for hours and got a different perspective on an interesting canyon. In a way we failed, but failing on anything like this still sends you home feeling rewarded.

The cave

Might go back and explore this drainage after a storm for some single shot wonders.

Five more feet and this zone would be unreal... there are some real gems down here, but we need a crap ton of snow.

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