Sunday, August 22, 2010

Larry H. Miller Tour of Utah

During the weeks leading up to the tour I found myself extremely occupied. Between bike racing, Lake Powell, working the outdoor retailer show, and working at Milo, updating my blog sunk to the back of my list of "to-do's".

In an effort to fill in some of the massive blanks of the past few weeks here is the final products of my internship. I had the opportunity to intern for the Tour of Utah this summer. It turned into one of the most amazing experiences for me and it ended up being much greater than I could have even wished for.

I love cycling. I love bikes. I love racing and I love following what is going on in the world of professional cycling. So, when they offered me the opportunity to be in the race caravan and write the post race press releases I jumped at the chance. Here are the press releases I wrote. They were edited by my friend Chip Smith of Soar Communications. It was a great experience working with all the Tour of Utah staff and getting to know some of the people in the Miller organization.

I also was able to spend most of the days with Tony Parks of 1320 Kfan, a local radio station. Tony was great to work with and he was a class act. He wasn't able to make the last two days of the race, but he called me when the race was over and thanked me for helping him out while we rode together in the media car.

To see my releases go to

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