Thursday, July 22, 2010


I always wish I could capture moments in their entirety. I sit here tapping away at the keys of my computer trying to convey all my experiences through language and images, but as hard as I try I will never be able to capture what was really there.

Tonight I sat down next to a fire with friends. The popping fire, faint music, and friendly banter conjured up a feeling of contentment. These moments are too few for too many of us. We get the "what's next" disease and miss out on the moment. As I drove home with my windows down, letting the summer air flood my car, the feeling continued. I wish I could capture moments like this. The feelings, sights, sounds, smells all weave themselves into this wonderfully inexplicable tangle that can only be remembered, not explained.

Contentment is the feeling I am always after. It means I didn't leave anything on the table. It comes when I figure out there is no where else I would rather be, and there was nothing else I would rather be doing. Tonight, I found it around a fire with some friends. I hope I get better at finding it.

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