Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The High Life

Parker: "Hey dude, I'm thinking about hiking Timp tomorrow afternoon and setting up a time lapse for sunset, all night, then sunrise Monday morning."

When he shared this idea my thoughts were turned to my couch. Two hard days of racing had rendered my legs a little tired and I wanted to just relax. I told them to go on ahead and that I would meet them. Normally when I do this I just fall asleep on my couch. I pulled together the needed equipment and decided to go. I started on the walk a few hours after they did. I didn't get to walking till just after 8 p.m.

Darkness gradually made its way toward me and I found myself walking by moonlight. My headlamp was sputtering through its last bit of battery life. I turned it off and crested the saddle. I was content to stay where I was. The valley lights beaming up at me and the moon shimmering down on the lake made for a nice view. I ate a sandwich and pushed up the last little bit to the summit.

Parker, Russ, Anna, and Ryan were all huddled down and I could hear their chuckling from a long way off. Russ was producing enough methane to power my heater for the winter. Poor Anna. A small metal shack with three guys all messed up on trail food. We all were letting them fly.

Soon a lightning storm made us worry about being on the summit in a giant piece of metal. We packed up and headed back down to the saddle. By the time we got there the storm had passed and we went back to bed. I was tired.

Left: The walk up. Right: The view from the saddle.

Ryan.... He is terrified of heights, so it is a good thing we walked off the summit in the dark.

Parker's head stand...

Where we slept.

The view from my sleeping bag.

Not a bad way to wake up.

Sunrise... Thanks to the annoying, loud, obnoxious hikers I was able to witness it.

Parker doing his thing.

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