Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Capitol Reef Classic

My first complete stage race. All in all I had a good time. The Capitol Reef Classic is a two day, three event stage race consisting of a time trial, circuit race, and a road race. I caught a ride down with my teammate Joel Broadbent after I got off work. We arrived at about 1 a.m. and I slept like a rock. 7 a.m. came way too fast and we made our way to the time trial.

Time trialing without a time trial specific bike isn't all that fun. All these guys show up with their fancy bikes, fancy aero helmets, and fancy skin suits. The course for this event was nine miles and I didn't love any second of it.

I tried to make up for it on the circuit race which consisted of two laps of 17 miles. It came down to the last kilometer and two riders had broken away. I mashed into my big gear and went for it, catching and passing one just before the line. Second place... maybe I will get it next time.

The road race was a fairly brutal 80 mile course that went up past Fish Lake. It was beautiful and the morning was surprisingly cool. Five guys gapped us at the top of the climb and then put the hammer down. We put in a good effort trying to catch back up, but in the end they stayed away.

I loved the race and will be back next year.

We didn't get any actual photos of racing because our support was dumping water on us as we rode by instead of snapping pictures.

Dr. Creer came down to help us out with his knowledge. Honestly having him there helped a lot. My legs felt great, and he made sure I didn't just cross the finish line and sit down letting my legs cramp up. Thanks AC.

The desert landscape is great.

Horseshoes with Mason.

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