Monday, July 12, 2010

UVU Criterium Racing

Nolan and Rick Finlayson jumped off the front of the group just into the second lap. Time to go. I pushed down on my pedals and reached to grab one of their wheels. Whenever they get to the front of the group you know pain is coming. My breathing became more labored and as I took a swig from my water bottle I let it drip as much as possible on my already overheating legs.

Two laps later we hit turn number two. I was leading and took it pretty hot. The 5th guy back clipped his pedal and dropped taking down another rider and sending Rick into the bushes. We were away. The four of us remaining at the front kept our pace high and we held our lead.

Eventually it was down to three of us. With two to go, Nolan surged forward again. He gapped us. I stood to catch him but my legs didn't have it. Nolan took the win. I went second after being a little bit of a wheel-sucker on the last 3/4 of a lap. I guess I didn't have the best etiquette, but asi es la vida.

This was the chase group.

This is me taking a turn at the front.

And here I am again giving it a pull.

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