Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alone with my thoughts

I went to grab my ipod and it was dead. With at least three or four hours in the saddle alone ahead of me I was hoping for the company of some of my favorite musicians. I pulled on my shoes, filled my water bottles, and grabbed some grub. The ride is one of my favorites, the Alpine Loop plus a few little detours.

As I rode, I rolled things around in my head for the first little while. As the ride became more difficult my thoughts turned from all life's little worries to the task at hand. Why is cycling so great? because you can leave everything behind and just go. My heart rate set the beat, my loud huffing and puffing kept in rhythm, my thoughts made for some interesting lyrics.... It is nice sometimes to not have any outside distractions. Today I didn't miss the company of my ipod there was plenty to listen to.

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