Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to school, escape on the bike

Unfortunately climbing has sunk from my focus this summer. I had high hopes leading into the summer, but my schedule seemed to gain a mind of its own. From now on I will be the captain of my schedule... most of the time.

Today I sat in class.... not being the captain.... yeah... School started again. What is this? I started in 2003... so this is year number seven? Shouldn't I be a doctor or something? I did take a two year break, so I guess it has been five years. Master's degree? nope. Not that I am ungrateful for my opportunity to pursue higher education, but I do find it funny that I have been excelling at taking my time to do just about everything so far in my life. I admit, I am in no hurry.

As I sat listening to my professors making their well thought out speeches of how we can change the world and how much we were going to learn this semester I sat in a complete state of shock. I have never ever been so bored. I honestly had the desire at times to beat my head against my desk until I was unconscious. My post-summer attention span, I learned today, is about 10 minutes.

Thank goodness for the mountains. Thank goodness they are so close. I got home and just wanted to get away from the thoughts of another semester in classes that I swear I have already taken a few times.... I guess this is what it is like to be in my final year of school. Really, I bet I learn a lot of great things, but today I wasn't having it.

Shelby came for the ride. We took it really easy and just talked most of the time.

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