Saturday, April 17, 2010

A return to the bike

I have found it hard to get out on my bike so far this year. Lulling myself into believing that hiking at higher altitudes will keep me in shape I have put off all of my early season bike training. As the Tour of the Depot neared I found myself not as ready as I had thought. Oops.... Better get to training more.

The Tour of the Depot ended up being more interesting than fun. There were 3 stages (one of which I had to miss for work because I forgot to get it off) a time trial, circuit race, and a road race. The time trial was fun, just a short 9 mile jaunt and a lot of hanging out with the team. The next day however was full of gusting wind which made for a hellish ride. They shortened the course due to conditions and it ended up being with the wind on a slight downhill.... Recipe for disaster? Yup. Some kid ended up clipping a car and breaking his leg. Then he was lucky enough to be tended to by Tooele's finest. A bunch of volunteer EMTs. Poor guy.

Joe (a kid on my team) is an EMT and is just finishing up Fire academy at UVU. He, doing his duty, went over and presented himself to see if he could help out. He received a haughty response from one of the women working on the kid, "I am a CNA." (Said in a mind your own business and go away type tone) Good job lady, you can wipe a butt at a nursing home. No offense to any of you CNAs out there, it is a noble profession that I would never be selfless enough to do. But when it comes to emergency medical care I will take the EMT over you any day. Joe watched their follies and came back shaking his head at the know it all crew of volunteers. I ended up talking to a few after and they were really nice and I do appreciate what they do giving of their time like that, but the situation sucked for the kid with a broken leg.

Captain Awesome police man then rolled up and blocked the finish line with his car endangering more racers coming in at 40 + mph simply stating,"they will just have to stop." We had to run up the road to try to warn the racers of Captain Awesome police man's divine wisdom. It was a mess. The weekend was fun, but those were a frustrating few minutes.

Brooklyn and Neena ran support for Eric and I. They did a good job of it too.

After the time trial.

Starting the time trial.

Warming up.

Neutral roll through town.

From the spectator's perspective

After the race was over we went and stopped by the Ferrari challenge that was going on out at the Miller Motor Sports Park. Todd and Amy were out there admiring all the fancy cars and watching them race. They also did a few minutes in the go-carts.

Ferraris look neat.... but I wouldn't buy one even if I had all the money in the world. Where would I fit all my gear?

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