Saturday, April 17, 2010

A throw back

Last Wednesday was a throw back to the days when all my buddies and I lived off of cold cereal, snowboarding videos, and just doing whatever we wanted. Tuesday night we all got together to stay up at my longtime friend Zach Lundgreen's house. Andrew Cottle and I drove up together and got there right in the thick of an X-box tournament.

They threw in Halo so we could all play... I am just about the worst Nintendo player there ever was. I still call it Nintendo if that illustrates how much I play. I ended up just getting killed over and over again and it reaffirmed to me how much I don't enjoy gaming. I have been sucked into games before, but I end up bothered with myself for having stayed up until 4 a.m. playing it. So I have made it a habit to stay away from them.

Morning rolled around and we all made a big breakfast, grabbed our gear and headed out the door for a day of Snowmoboarding in the Uintas. Zach works as a snowmobile guide up there on a ranch called Thousand Peaks. We were able to have access to all the private land which would be entirely untouched since the amazing storm which puked a crap load of snow all over our mountains the whole week. Today would be the first sunny day since the storm.

After we got under way it was smooth sailing. Eh.... not really. Four feet of hot pow is like snowmobiling in a mud slog. It took the better part of two hours to get where we wanted to be. At one point I looked around and everyone was stuck. Getting un-stuck in the heavy snow was not easy. I am fairly sure we all used our quota of expletives for the month.

As we were almost to the main bowl where we would stay I got stuck one last time. As I crested a hill that was mostly flat with the throttle pinned my track began to sink. After I finished ranting about how much I hate snowmobiles I just sat down perfectly content to leave and call it a day.

We ended up building a little jump and having a good time the rest of the day just messing around. I was glad to be up there with all my buddies. It was Brandon's birthday on the 5th so it was good to get together.

Steve always seems to be on someone else's sled

Deep and hot.


This is the little step down we built real fast. It was fun, but the hot pow made for a difficult time riding away. The snow was so heavy that if you dipped your nose at all you were tossed.

Switch back 180.... to hot pow smash

Notice all the bomb holes for crashing.

Brandon was my wheel man.... I was kinda bummed I was the only one hitting it. Justin gave it a go a couple times but then stopped.

I kept riding away for like ten feet then I would just face plant it. RAD!

Lyman has been letting me ride next years Forum Destroyer 158 in the rocker version a.k.a. Chillydog. I have not been a fan of rocker at all, but now I totally see the value. Doing jumps into pow on one is the best. I will have one in my quiver soon. I hope....

Brandon cruising on the good ol' Ski-Doo Summit

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