Friday, April 16, 2010

The hit list

It is funny how much my mind set has changed over this past winter. Getting into splitboarding has opened up all the areas I have been staring at and dreaming of since I was a little kid. My hit list grows every day. Every time I go out I discover a new area or a new way of looking at the different zones as they change every day with a continually morphing snow pack.

I have been staring at the face of Mount Timpanogos almost as far back as I can remember. Its towering west face looms over Utah County spanning multiple cities. I know the conditions on this face are hardly ever optimal, but I don't really care. I want it. I have been looking at these two couloirs on this face all season. I finally have the tools to make it happen but the snow pack is receding fast. There are a lot of other areas that are still do-able but these I may put in the bag for next year.

As spring draws on I find myself getting more and more excited to climb and to get out on my bike. But I am not ready to hang up my boots quite yet....

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