Thursday, March 11, 2010

Split Board? I hope so...

Lets see here.... I think I can be the first to admit that I am no master craftsman. So far in working on creating my splitboard I have beat the crap out of my left hand: Stabbed my palm with a still rotating drill bit, smashed two fingers, took some skin off my thumb with the claw of a hammer, tagged the side of my hand with the drill bit, and then to top it all off I shut my middle finger in the door as I was leaving today. What is the deal? My right hand is pristine. I guess subconsciously I hate my left hand.

I was hoping to get this thing done before this weekend so I have been out in my garage messing with it instead of doing other things that I had hoped to get done. This set back will make my time tomorrow a little more tedious. We are planning on riding some lines up in either Cardiac or over in Wolverine. Looks like I will be on shoes. I guess I can use the workout.

Please work!

Oh please!

The black death was a hard one to cut. It is such a great board. I hope I don't screw it up.

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