Friday, March 12, 2010

"Hey soft slab avalanche, thanks for not burying me."

4 a.m.: Wake up
4:15: Pour a bowl of cereal only to realize there is no milk.
4:35: Meet up with Parker
5:00: Roll through McDonalds for some breakfast (Basically today I ate everything I could get a hold of.)
6:00: Start the hike, I forgot my trekking poles. Not stoked.
9:00: Summit of Mt. Superior.
9:05: Break loose an avalanche.
9:06: Decide, "hey... I think it is time to leave."
12:00: Arrive at the Canyons resort for a fun time with some fun guys.
4:30: Leave the park to get home and take a shower because of my putrid smell.

Arriving at the summit of a mountain I have wanted to do for more than a decade brought with it an awesome feeling and then it was followed by another new experience. I had picked out a few chutes that I wanted to hit further down the ridge line from the summit. The snow pack seemed good and seemed stable and I had planned to ride down the main chute in Cardiac Bowl to gain access to the other lines. It was a lot lower angle than what I was planning on riding further down so I figured it would be fine. I did my cut across the top of the chute to see if anything would rip out. Suddenly I was traversing out of a river of snow. I stopped and watched a soft slab slide run a few hundred feet down out of the chute below. Needless to say that pushed the idea of riding steeper terrain right out of my head. I was lucky to have not gone for a ride.

We headed down the face of Superior and then headed up to the Canyons resort for some lazy park laps. As I sit here and write this, my brain is crying for me to go to bed. Today was amazing and I am thankful that nothing happened. Luckily I had on our new helmet camera so I will be able to share the experience with you all as soon as the new podcast comes out.

Parker at the trailhead.

Here come the sun.

Probably one of the best sunrises I have seen in a long time.

Making the summit push.

The summit.


  1. Thank you for not dying. Next time check avalanche conditions more carefully!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Holy Crap man that is some gnarly ish!