Monday, March 8, 2010

Murray the frog... May he rest in peace

Whilst I was working on a project last night on my back porch I noticed this little frog hiding under a chair. I captured him without any difficulty because he was half frozen. I took him inside to show Todd and I put him in a rather large cup, which I soon realized he could climb out of. As Murray the frog warmed up he became more determined to free himself of whatever plastic enclosure I placed him in. I am fairly sure he had already made his peace and was ready to give up the ghost and then I ruined it. He was ready for death and I stood in his way. I left him on the counter last night in a tupperware with a small opening in the lid for air.

I came down this morning to check on Murray and to release him on this wonderfully sunny morning, but he was gone. The Houdini of frogs had made his escape. All morning I have been walking around with this biting worry that I will feel an uncomfortable squish under my bare foot. All rescue searches have been abandoned by this point and we will now just let "Jesus take the wheel."

For those of us who knew him best, we will miss his adventurous nature, his inquisitive spirit, and his ambitious outlook on life. He leaves behind some really dirty looking water and a smell in the tupperware that I hope washes out. Goodbye little buddy. You will be missed.


  1. murray is such a good name for a frog. And I have been wanting a frog the last couple days because of the movie Alice n Wonderland. Was Murray wearing a waist coat? that would have been perfect.

  2. what a good contribution to our lives he made. he's a good man. may he always be in our thoughts