Monday, December 28, 2009

What people do...

I don't really know what is going on with this section of road and giving me interesting photos... I kind of felt bad snapping this picture, but I had my camera and couldn't resist.

Car accidents are the worst and so far in my life I have been in only two, the first of which wasn't really my fault. Sort of. Well you could say it was. Maybe it was partly my fault. It was st. patty's day back when I was about 17, I had just left a great day making turns in the white stuff to get to work. Rain had fallen throughout the morning but the storm turned cold and started to snow layering it's self nicely on top of a sheet of ice.

I always seem to try to take that extra run that makes me late, staying true to form I was in a hurry. The trusty ol' Nissan Sentra and I were making good time skiing down the canyon on four bald tires when my luck turned. I slid off the road. Nothing serious. I got out and began to dig my way out in hopes of still making it to work. My hands began to get cold so I opened my door and ducked my head inside, when out of nowhere I hear a honk as a dark navy Audi A4 clipped my leg and smashed off my door. Wow. I still remember this all so vividly. I was about an inch away from being an amputee. And that is how the Sentra was totaled.

Round two happened two years ago. It was one of those days where I should have just stayed home. Basically I rear ended the nicest little Nigerian family on the freeway totaling my Hyundai. I would go into more detail about it but I just feel like an idiot. I really wish I would have stayed in contact with that family... I hope everything all turned out okay. So that's my story. Don't crash your car because no matter what happens you feel like an A hole. Oh, and yes I did just abbreviate that.

Snow... we need more of it so start praying. I hope to flood my blog with backcountry adventures once there is enough coverage.

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