Thursday, December 31, 2009


Snowbird is the definition of good. I will now stand here with my legs apart so you can kick me where it counts for not getting a pass here the past several years. Yesterday I was so excited to be going to the Bird on a powder day I couldn't sleep. I got up early and threw together a couple sandwiches and was out the door almost on schedule to pick up Uriel. We met up with Jonas and Tony as soon as I picked up my pass.

Deep. That is all I can say about today. I might be able to fill the page with other adjectives such as great, sick, marvelous, perfect, and awesome. Maybe I should grab the thesaurus and keep going.

The only negative thing that happened today was that I snapped my board. The first casualty of the winter happened when I popped of this cliff into a band of rocks. My board took a pretty hard blow on a blunt surface and nothing really happened (that I could see). The next run I hopped up onto the side of the run and hit an awkward bump. Pop. That was the end of the Forum Lander 160. I rode it the rest of the day but it kept getting softer and softer.

My last run let me know it was time to go. I thought I could bomb out of this chute but when I tried to make some course corrections the tail of my board said no and then I was rag-dolling down the hill. Definitely not going to be able to turn my head tomorrow but I will remember the bliss of today and be okay with it.

A shot from my phone up hiking baldy.

Hiking the ridge.

Forrest Gladding was kind enough to shoot some photos of us (this is me on my broken board). Check out his blog

This is Jonas Harris and at 11 years old he charges harder than just about anybody.

This is my board at the start of the day

This is my board at the end of it.

The sunset driving home on an epic last day of 2009. Happy New Year.

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