Saturday, December 19, 2009


I love fog. It gives everything this semi-eerie feeling making it seem like I am passing into the surreal. As I drove past the turn off for the boat ramp I thought it would be interesting to see what its like down there in the winter.

Fishing in the winter... I don't get it. The mandatory sitting in one spot in the snow for hours seems a little tedious. Maybe if I had one of those big ice fishing huts with a recliner and TV inside. That makes sense. Fishing off the shore in the dead of winter... not so much. As I looked over at them they looked miserable, but I guess you could say that about all the things I love to do.


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  1. That is great and the feeling is mutual, Whit showed me your blog about a week ago, I added it to my reader and I am lovin it, coming across a good blog is like finding a thousand dollars.

    And yours is gold my friend, gold.