Friday, July 3, 2009

Venturing to Maple Canyon

conglomeratenoun |kənˈglämərət|Geology coarse-grained sedimentary rock composed of rounded fragments (>2 mmwithin a matrix of finer grained material :the sediments vary from coarse conglomerate to fine silt and clay.

Maple Canyon lies just outside of Fountain Green, UT, a rather small town east of Mona.  Tuesday night Eric and Whitney Montandon, Robbie, and packed up and drove to our camp spot up Maple Canyon.  We arrived around 11:30 p.m. and set up camp.  I threw up my hammock and they all threw out on the ground.  After a cup of tea and a muffin I pretty much sacked out mid-conversation. 
On occasion when camping you wake up and the sun is on you and there are bugs in your ears, annoying bird chirps and it just plain sucks.  But this morning I woke up and opened my eyes to a canopy of green leafs against a slightly overcast day, perfect temperatures, birds singing (just far enough away to sound pretty instead of annoying) and my hammock and sleeping felt so comfortable I felt glued in position.  There were things to be done so I struggled my way out of my comfy cocoon.  We planned on doing a climb up on "Hiji Rock" called "Exit Wound 5.9+" which is a 3 pitch sport route a ways up the canyon.
After some pancakes, provided by an able chef (Eric), we loaded up the cars and drove up the canyon and started the mile hike in.  I have never seen anything like Maple Canyon.  The conglomerate rock formations completely blew me away.  Climbing that type of rock was a little unsettling at first because rocks will pull out on occasion. The climbing was easy going and I was constantly amazed by the view.  Climbing affords you a perspective on the world that many rarely see.  We brought along a camera but had some malfunctions and lost the majority of the pictures from this climb which is tragic. This is a pic I got of the climb from
Robbie had some technical difficulties as well... he got one of his carabiners stuck in the chains at the top of the first pitch.  After a frustrating few minutes he finally freed himself and made the scramble up to the last pitch.  
The last little bit of climbing was the most challenging and when we made the top and enjoyed the view the sun started to cook.  Robbie and I were shirtless and really wishing we had some way to cover up.  After getting the rappel rigged up we hurried off the top.  PBJ's were calling us to hurry down to the car.  We cleaned up shop and scarfed down what food we had.  
We wanted to do a couple more climbs before we left so we grabbed some more water and headed to a wall called "Pipeline".  The place just had a "narnia" feel to it.  I loved it. The sky darkened on us and the rain hit pretty hard telling us it was time to go.  The rain combined with the cool temperatures that moved in also made us abandon our plans of swimming and goofing off at a rope swing on the way back.

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