Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hills.. legs aflame

Pain... as much fun as yesterday was, that is the only word that can encompass the whole event. Eric, Mason, and I (along with other members of the team that could not be present) are getting ready for the 1000 warriors ride in August which boasts of being the toughest stage in the toughest stage race in America. With 96 miles, 3 major climbs totaling close to 11,000 vertical feet... I think they have every right to claim it.

For our training ride we started at my home (Highland) and went up the Alpine Loop dropping down to Cascade Springs. After a near death on the decent (random guy cut me off sending me off into the bushes... totally pulling a lance, tour de france 03, stage 9) we made our way back out continuing on down, stopping at Sundance to get some agua. After that we toiled our way up Squaw Peak in oven-like temperatures. That would not be our last climb, we turned around and pushed our way back over the loop. It was roughly 80 miles and I feel it safe to say, well over 10,000 vertical in climbing. Some call it the "super gauntlet" (minus south fork) I just call it painful.

I haven't gotten my butt in gear so that was my longest ride to date this year. It was a rude awakening that I will be needing to log some serious miles in these next couple weeks.

Here is a map of the course. It will be on August 22nd. Check the whole tour out! It will be an awesome show.

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  1. the fact that it ends with a climb up little cottonwood is just gnarly!