Friday, July 3, 2009


Last night at our UVU crit race Eric Ellis and I formed a break away and were gaining a lot of time on the group.  We were doing a 40 minute race and with around ten minutes to go we were rounding the corner before the finish line when Eric's tire completely exploded.  It was as if a gun went off. He maneuvered it perfectly saving himself from any injury but completely destroying his tire and rim.  I dodged around him and skidded ditching my bike and landing in the grass.  It was chaos and all I could do was laugh.  Poor Eric just got that bike not even a month ago and he destroyed a 400 dollar wheel... All in all he was pretty lucky to come out of that unscathed.  We were doing over 20 mph into that corner.  The rest of the race it rained and we all had a good time.


  1. Hey Andy Earl,
    It's Jaime Barborka. Aubrey told me she found your blog. Good to see you again. Hope you will check out my blog. We have two cute kids now and we are in Vegas so with all your Vegas visiting you should fit us in.

  2. And you won! you failed to mention that.. you are too humble -Alicia