Sunday, September 15, 2013

Scout Falls

Timpanogos waterfalls
My plans to run up to the summit of Timpanogos where thwarted by my inability to pull myself out of bed. I finally forced myself up and out the door only to be met by dark rain clouds. I made the drive up to Timpanookee trail head and started my way slowly upward. 

As my turn around time drew near I hit the Scout Falls turn off. I decided to snap a few photos before going back down the mountain. As I finished up the rain started to come down hard. I threw the camera in a dry bag and started running back down the trail in a down pour. My feet found their way through the slick rocks and over mud puddles back to the car. I tossed my wet camera bag into the passenger seat and headed for home smiling. A morning in the mountains is always the best way to start a day.

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