Monday, April 15, 2013

Dwindling Dawn Patrols

I am trying to mentally prepare for the end of the season as winter sputters out these last few storms before giving up. Am I ready for summer? Almost. I have a few more goals for this season, but I have already dusted off the bike and am building my climbing hit list.

David and I met in the parking lot and took an easy stroll up Grizzly Gulch. We watched the sun paint the ridges as we walked and talked about the season and how good it was to just be out. "Just being out" is a phrase that we tend to use as an excuse for a day with less than adequate snow or conditions. In all actuality "just being out" is the real blessing of where we live and our circumstances. There are days that I forget how lucky I am to just be out. 

On any given day in the Wasatch there are at most a few hundred of us out in the backcountry. We are such a small percent of the population. Our days start in the dark, we meet up with friends and are on top of mountains before the majority of the valley's alarms are going off. We are a lucky few and are privy to some of the best things Utah has to offer. As David and I walked and talked I couldn't help but be sad that winter is coming to a close, but I also felt so grateful to be where I was in that moment. Utah is rad.  
Photo Credit: David Kaplan
Photo Credit: David Kaplan

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