Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Solo Mornings

I go through an inner debate a few nights every week that goes a little something like this;

"Should I dawn patrol tomorrow?"
"Will the snow be worth it?"
"Where will be good?"
"Who will come with me?"
"Am I too tired?"
"Should I just catch up on some sleep?"

All those questions and more go through my head as I try to pull together early morning plans. Sometimes I talk myself out of going even though I know I will enjoy it. Lately I have started getting better at winning that debate with myself. If I can't find anyone to go with me, I go alone. Even though this severely limits the areas which I can ride, it is worth it.

With my iPod to keep me company Monday morning, I headed up to Twin Lakes Pass. I watched the sun peak through the clouds as it crept up over the horizon. I took the time to enjoy where I was at. I sometimes get so caught up in my activities in the mountains that I forget to look around and realize how amazing they are.

Dawn Patrol is always worth it.

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