Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ancient Art

Quick weekend trips are one of the things that make living in Utah amazing. You can go from a powder day to climbing and mountain biking in less than a 3 hour drive. When Eric called and threw Ancient Art on the table it didn't take much convincing.

We pulled in to Moab a little before midnight and crashed for the night outside of town. The night was a lot colder than we had anticipated but a Grand Slam at Denny's balanced it all out. We waited for it to warm up and then drove out to the massive pile of mud called Fisher Towers.

Eric and I took turns swinging leads. I lead the first and third pitch and he took the second and fourth. As I pulled my way up the third pitch to the walkway to the summit I was surprised. I have seen pictures of the climb, but nothing really does it justice. It was one of the most unique features I have ever seen. Eric made the awkward scurry across to the corkscrew and climbed it like a champ.

My mouth definitely was dry as I took my turn on the summit. The Fisher Towers make for interesting climbing. Climbing Ancient Art made me question my desire to do other climbs in that area. There are plenty of other routes made of solid rock to keep me busy for now.

We hit a climb on Wall Street called 30 Seconds Over Potash before heading home. We had a good time and the weather was perfect. Other than the two hour traffic jam we hit on our way home the trip went without a hitch.

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