Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Fun in Costa: The Pee Bus

I took my seat on a hot muggy bus in San Jose, Costa Rica. After driving a motorcycle to Vegas and grabbing an all night flight I was pretty tired and not quite wanting to sit for another six hours. Little did I know that luck was about to take my seat.

A Hippie looking American couple made their way back to me and told me I was in the wrong seat. I apologized and looked across the aisle. There sat the one eyed old guy. He had a deep south version of Spanish and I had no idea what he was saying about 50% of the time. All I really got out of the six hours on the bus was that his town flooded and there were alligators under the bridge.

As we wound through the mountains I looked over at the couple that had taken my spot. In front of them sat another American couple beamed straight out of suburbia. The woman, who was sitting directly in front of my previous seat, wasn't looking to good. The higher we got the worse the lady looked. She was writhing and trying to get her husband to stop the bus. No dice... there was no where to stop.

The hippie girl that had taken my seat suddenly jumped up pulling her feet onto her seat. Her face was a mixture of shock and anger. Pee streamed from the seat in front of her. Not a little bit of pee... a lot a bit of pee. The suburban lady had lost control of her bladder and peed all over the feet of my previous seat's occupant. This is one of those moments where I really considered my blessings.

It wasn't too long before we pulled into a rest stop and the embarrassed suburban woman went to change. I talked to the hippie woman for a bit. She was not happy... But I was.

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