Thursday, March 3, 2011

Brothers that board together...

A couple Saturdays ago I got to go out for a hike with my brothers. Every time we hang out I become more grateful that we are friends. I am glad I have been able to grow up being close to my brothers and now that we are older, we are even closer.

Jeff and Todd both just got their splitboards done so we went for a mellow easy tour in the Uintas. The avalanche danger was pretty crazy so we went for some pillow lines. This was Todd's first time out with an avalanche beacon so we did some drills. He did great, but I think practice is always a good idea. This was my first time riding pillows really and it was a blast. We all stuck to pretty mellow stuff and had a fun time. The trip wiped Todd out for a week. His Crohn's disease is sometimes worse than others and I think this little walk took it out of him. It was a good memorable day.

I haven't uploaded my pictures yet, so these are mostly from Jeff's camera

Getting underway.


Slashing some little ones.

Fun in the sun

Taller and flatter than I thought... Drop, drop, plop.

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