Monday, February 28, 2011

Another visit to Wolverine

Conditions looked heinous. After so much snow fall how could all the deep fluff I rode on Friday have blown off? The wind was still at it, transporting all our new snow to leeward slopes stacking it all into dangerous slabs of snow. Blake Nyman, Parker Cross, Tony Pavlantos, David Kaplan, Hayden Price, Jay Eichhorst and I made our way up to Wolverine Cirque. Conditions limited our line options. The day was windy, productive, and fun.

Parker dropped in first and found the snow to be pretty good. Tony was next up to bat and sent a fun looking line. I had picked out Roman's Chute, an obvious straight fall line couloir on the north facing part of the cirque. I wanted to ride the line fast, so I dropped in took a couple turns before sending it. Right as I pointed it the wind picked up and made the ground lose all definition. "CRAP." I was up to speed and had no idea what was the ground looked like. Luckily there were no big bumps and it all paid off. Everyone else crushed it and we all got some good turns on the way out.

This was a good group to be out with. Everyone was fun to watch tear it up.


Tony getting the goods on the way out

Blake sending this really cool zone

Tony getting after it on this chute on Patsy Marley.

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