Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tour of California

Sacramento- The word came down the line, the peloton was close... The subtle clanking of cow bells mixed with an air of anticipation surged through the crowd filled street. Finally they came into sight. The fight for yellow was on. The day's course had a three lap circuit around the down town state capitol.

Columbia was forming at the front with Mark Cavendish in tow, this was the story for six stages in last year's Tour de France and now I was able to witness it in person. My eyes passed over the rushing blur of 120+ riders searching for the legends in the mix. Lance Armstrong, Levi Leipheimer, Dave Zabriskie, George Hincapie, Andy Schleck, Fabian Cancellara, etc... were all somewhere in the mass. Columbia made their move. The ringing cow bells mixed with a screaming public greeted the winner of the day, Cavendish, with gusto.

This was my first experience with these international teams, the teams I watch religiously during the month of July as they race across France. I wasn't let down.

I had the opportunity to travel to every finishing city throughout the Amgen Tour of California to promote the upcoming Tour of Utah. I was lucky enough to get an internship within the Tour of Utah which allowed me this opportunity. We set up a booth every day at the expo to let more people know about the race. We were placed in the United Health Care booth along with Voler (a custom cycling apparel company), and Edge Composites (a company that produces all carbon cycling wheels and parts).

The opportunity to watch this race happen and the behind the scenes production of what I normally see five minutes of on television was amazing. There are so many details that all have to work together simultaneously to bring about an event of this magnitude.

As the race went on the riders put on a heck of a show. The battle for yellow left some of the strongest riders in the world in the dust, aching in a simmer of lactic acid. Rogers came away with a well deserved win.

I really look forward to my internship and to the Tour of Utah. It is going to be a tough and exciting race that everyone should come support. (And if you have any friends in high places we can always use more sponsors to take this race to the next level)

The famed Andy Schleck

World Time Trial Champ Fabian Cancellara

Zabrskie, Leipheimer, and Rogers

This was our booth.

Thousand Oaks.... A mean day of racing

George Hincapie in his national road champ kit.

Rogers is the 5th from the front

There goes lance... right in front of the stop sign

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