Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lazy Cruisin'

The weather today was about as bipolar as it can possibly get. I do realize that starting this post by talking about the weather probably sent any of you that actually read my hopeless drivel into a narcoleptic episode. Well when you wake up and decide to keep reading you will find more of the same which may make you debate going and watching some paint dry instead. Here is why I mention the weather; We drove up through the rain, parked in sunny clear skies, it started to snow, it got warm and sunny, then it got cold and snowed some more, anyway you get the point, Utah weather is like a teenage relationship, off and on, hot and cold.

Parker and I decided to just go ride Park City and take it easy. We spent most of the day in the perfectly shaped half pipe. The snow was perfect for riding pipe, soft and fast, so we had a ton of fun just messing around and trying some new tricks. We also ordered a helmet cam today which will add some awesome content to our blogs and the podcast. We are pretty excited about it and are planning a camping trip next weekend. Destination: Cardiac Ridge. Hopefully the avalanche danger is mellow so we can ride some steep lines.

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