Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cardiff Again?

Yeah. Cardiff again. With the vast expanse of backcountry terrain you may be thinking, why would we plan to go up Cardiff again? Well that wasn't the original plan. Mount Superior was our chosen destination, but because of my stupidity (I forgot my avalanche beacon so we had to turn around and get it loosing about 45 minutes or more) we started up the trail late. When we got up on top of Cardiff and started to make our way across the ridge over to Mt. Superior we realized the whole mountain had some pretty rotten conditions. It was more sun baked than all the Bros on the Jersey Shore.

We decided not to pursue the summit, the mountain will always be there and we will get it when there are better conditions. The rest of the day was spent hitting different lines on Cardiff. I decided to throw myself down this cliff line that ended up breaking my newly finished splitboard. I guess I will be making a new one this week. Breaking snowboards is not a fun thing, it is a sad event. But at the same time I can just take what happened and learn from it. Splitboard lesson 1: Don't go off of a big cliff with a high impact landing.

Mt. Superior looking good from afar but being far from good today.

Tony Madrid. This guy rips. And my broken board

Me up on the traverse.

This is what it looks like when you are going to go down. It is completely blind so we put a lot of faith in our spotter, Parker. I literally had no idea what I was in for when I was going down this. All I knew was at some point I would go off a cliff.

Pretty much all these lines were from our group. You can see my bomb hole off of the cliff. (the second line from the left.) Not a good plan. I bet on a little bit softer day I could ride away from it... but not today.

Catching some rays while everyone went up for another go. I was on camera duty.

JP at the bottom.

And we all parted ways with plans of meeting up again this week for some more riding.

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