Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Unkown Number

The other morning Todd started off the day's conversation with a big, "Guess what!" he then began to share this interesting tale.

He lay sound asleep in his little bed at 5 a.m. whereupon he was drawn from his slumber by a familiar little beep. A text message? Yes, a text at 5 a.m. Todd swiped his phone from his night stand and looked at the unknown number in annoyance. But what to his wondering eyes should appear? Two old boobs reflected from a mirror. He swiftly replied asking, “why?” before falling into frustrated slumber.

Upon waking in the morning he found more texts from the mobile phone flasher, “what do you mean why? Where is my picture shelly?” Todd in a blur of anger stated, “ I am not Shelly! And why the Heck (edited for your sensitive eyes) am I getting pictures of saggy Boobs at 5 in the morning? Make sure the number is right before you go sending crap like that!” (There were a few different words in there that illustrated more of Todd’s feelings but I have elected not to include them.) She responded in, what I can only imagine, an embarrassed tone, “I am sorry. Just delete it.” The poor old lesbian... I know that if I were sending dirty texts I would hope to get a different response.


  1. Proof why elderly (40+(is that too young?)) should not text.

    This is so freaken funny.

  2. haha that's hilarious. that would happen to todd!

  3. Can't believe McKay said that, heck yeah it's too young. Proof why people shouldn't send texts of themselves topless!!!

  4. so i emailed you.. did you get it or have your changed your email since forever ago? Aubrey

  5. hahahahahah i just had a good laugh. thanks todd. and old boob lady