Wednesday, February 24, 2010

This is the place

"This is the place."- Brigham Young really knew what he was talking about. I love Utah. I love these mountains. I love riding with friends, and I love snow. Just after I snapped the picture above I sat alone on the lift looking up into the cloud covered sky watching the snow make its way down. It was the type of snow that stacks up quick. It didn't really start snowing until this morning and by the time we rolled up, there was enough to get some really good turns. It makes me ache to think about sitting in school tomorrow when it is going to be so deep. Responsibility... I wish I could blow it off and just live on clouds of pow. We met up with a good group of guys and searched out some great runs.

We finished out the day by heading deep into Tiger Tail. This was the first time this year I have been able to ride with my boss and friend Ben Pellegrino, which always ends up being rad. He knows these mountains better than just about anyone out there. He showed us to some deep untouched turns. Our last run took us out to the road to hitch hike back to the resort. High fives and good vibes were definitely a huge part of the day.

Benny just about to drop in.

Hitch hiking back up.

White Pine Trail head.

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  1. Fuck yeah, bro! Thanks for having my back. Those last turns were worth the whole trip. If you ever find yourself on Mt. Hood, look me up.