Thursday, February 25, 2010

Another look at Cardiff

Here are a few more photos lifted from Parker's blog. He should have his podcast up in the next day or two. The above photo is of a fun little line I took popping over some exposed rocks. It wasn't too gnarly but it was fun. These little lines made my respect for the big guys in the sport like Jeremy Jones grow ten-fold.

Standing up top getting ready to drop down a little face where you can't see the bottom or the path you are supposed to take can be a little confusing. I had originally picked out a line from a certain perspective but decided when I got up top to change my plan and go with what Parker was suggesting. When I got down I looked at, what I thought would be an awesome line and realized it would have been completely idiotic for me to go there. Huge rocks jutted out the face to a really flat landing. It would have been painful. Good thing I listened to the guys down below.

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