Thursday, February 4, 2010

Boarding with Bro

Bro, Broski, Brophet, Brorphan, Broseidon, Brotato Chip, Brotein Shake, and Broseph Stalin. See that guy there in the middle? That there is my brother Todd Parker Earl and he is all of the aforementioned types of bro to me. Not in the "I drive a big bro truck that is lifted and chicks dig me" type way. Just the Brotherly way.

This winter hasn't been to kind to the Brotato chip. This was one of the few days he has felt well enough to go boarding. Thanks to some new meds he felt up to it today so we spent it just seeking out side hits and cruising the mountain. Mo, Tyler, Parker, and Justin rounded out the crew making for some fun boarding. I rode with my camera the whole day but in my haste to find those sweet spots I didn't pull it out for any action shots.

Sir Tyler Galloway.

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