Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Finally some pow

Standing on top of a line always has that mix of Christmas morning anticipation and a nervous excitement for what you are about to be fortunate enough to ride. It snowed. It snowed a few feet and you didn't have a meeting you had to be to, no class to worry about skipping, and no other commitment that kept you off the hill on a day when it was this good. You were able to blow it all off and just go.

Today was that day for me. Fresh snow, good friends, and I had no commitments to keep me from this blessed piece of the planet. I got to point it through this chute (above) and for me pointing it out of a line is twice the fun of any jump I have ever hit. It is just snowboarding. Nobody is trying to show off doing the next big trick. It is just real, having fun on the mountain.

One thing I love about the mountains is when you are in them you are able to connect with anyone on some strange level. Up there it doesn't matter what you do for a living, how much money you have, what crazy past you lived, or even if you're a Ph.D. Everyone in that moment is there for the same thing, no labels. Just riders.

A look back up. Upper cirque, I came out of Diagonal chute.

Here comes the boat.

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